Al Sihah Shrine Temple
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 MACON, GEORGIA 31205-3147
 OFFICE (478) 785-5900, Fax-5913
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Helping children
for over 105 Years
Al Sihah Shrine Center

Get Onboard to Help Our Kids!
  "All care and services are   

provided regardless of the

families' ability to pay"

John H. Ambrose, Sr.

     Greetings to all! This is the time of the year that I so dearly love, Thanksgiving with my fam- ily and friends, and right around the corner, comes Christmas. These are both enjoyable times of the year that bring joyful thoughts to all, as we get to eat a ton, watch great football, and stay vigilant for Santa!
     Just a couple more months until we get a new Potentate and rest assured that James has been planning for all of us to have an excellent year in 2016, that is, if Gail can see her way. Lady Gail has been having problems with her vision and we are praying that by the time you read this, she will have a clean bill of health and ready to jump in with James as his year gets underway.
    I am writing this as we prepare to go on our cruise and I am as excited as a kid with a new toy looking forward to some great relaxation and fun filled days. Our Fall Ceremonial will also be history and I am quite sure it turned out great with a bunch of new Nobles and their Ladies. Get on board to make them feel like being a part of our great family in the future. September was a good month for Rueshelle and myself as we got to attend some club and unit meetings and also attended the great circus put on in Columbus by the Columbus/Ft. Benning Shrine Club. The Circus is always great as it serves as a big social event for the Nobles and Ladies getting together and working together to make the end result a successful Circus! There’s a rumor in the air that we might possibly get back in the circus business here at our Shrine Center now that one of the Ringling Brothers shows has disbanded and won’t be competing with us.
    Speaking of November, don’t forget our family get together with lunch on the 14th at 11 AM at the Activity Building. Thanks to Joe and the work day bunch, you can now go out on the landing and lean against the newly constructed railing without having to worry about falling thru it, Thanks Guys! It rained that day but we still had a good time and hope next workday that some more live bodies will come out and give us a hand, this is OUR Shrine Center. With a little work we can keep it looking good so we can all come out and enjoy our property. I think it is a beautiful and peaceful setting and I like to bring my dog out and watch him run and play, how about you? Speaking of dogs, maybe sometime after it cools off, we can have a Shrine Dog Show, no Roy, I’m not talking about Rue or Amy, I’m referring to 4 legged dogs!!!
    As my year finishes up, I’m looking forward to our days together and don’t hesitate to call Rueshelle or myself if there is anything we can do for you or our wonderful Shrine Center.

 “Get On Board To Help Our Kids”

 John H. Ambrose, Sr.
 Potentate 2015



JANUARY 20, 2016

Official Call of the Potentate

Notice is hereby given that a Annual Stated Meeting / Elections
of Al Sihah Shrine, A.A.O.N.M.S. will be held at Al Sihah Shrine Temple,
222 Mecca Dr., Macon, GA for the transaction of
such business / elections as may come before the Shrine.

Annual Business Meeting 5:00 P.M. ~ Dinner 6:00 P.M.
~ Annual Meeting/Elections Starts AT 7:00 P.M.

ATTEST: R. Keel Broom, PP                     John H. Ambrose, Sr.
Recorder                              Potentate

*** MUST HAVE 2016 DUES CARD ***


Shriners Village 

Dear Nobles, 

If you're not already signed in as a member of
Shriners Village, go to:        
and register.  All you'll need is your dues card number.      
 Nobles, the world is at your fingertips, make use of

YOUR   "Shriners Village".  


R. Keel Broom, PP


Al Sihah Shriners

     Nobles ALL,
         Illus Sir Billy Ray Phillips, PP., will be transporting the David Ragan Race Car to numerous events and parades. If you would like to assist, please contact Illus Sir Billy Ray Phillips, P.P. and remember to bring your Fez.

See YOU there.

     Ill. Sir John H. Ambrose, Sr.





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Special Events

Temple Office closed on Friday's
**Stated and Temple Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

November 2015

26th - THANKSGINING DAY, - (Temple Closed)

December 2015

02nd - Temple Family Night, (6 PM - Dinner, 7 PM - Temple Mtg)
12th - Club/Unit Awards & Christmas Party (6:00 PM, Temple)
13th - Children's Christmas Party   (2:00 PM, Temple)
18th - Temple Meeting (6 PM - Dinner, 7 PM - Temple Mtg)
23rd - Temple Closed
24th - Temple Closed
25th - Christmas Day, )Temple Closed)
31st - New Year's Eve Luncheon, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM; Nobles and Ladies invited to Celebrate the New Year, Soup & Sandwiches to be served (ActBldg)


Parade Schedule

Nov 21 (Sat) - Chester, pulloff at 2:00 pm
Dec 03 (Thurs) - Forsyth, pulloff at 6:00 pm
Dec 03 (Thurs) - Americus, pulloff at 7:00 pm
Dec 04 (Fri) - Cochran, pulloff at 7:00 pm
Dec 04 (Sat) - Jackson, pulloff at 6:00 pm
Dec 05 (Sat) - W.R, pulloff at 10:00 am
Dec 05 (Sat) - Dexter, pulloff at 10:30 am
Dec 05 (Sat) - Dublin, pulloff at 2:00 am
Dec 05 (Sat) - Perry, pulloff at 4:00 pm
Dec 05 (Sat) - Hawkinsville, pulloff at 6:00 pm
Dec 05 (Sat) - Centerville, pulloff at 7:00 pm
Dec 05 (Sat) - Milledgeville, pulloff at 6:00 pm
Dec 12 (Sat) - Glenwood, pulloff at 11:00 am
Dec 12 (Sat) - Eastman, pulloff at 1:00 pm
Dec 12 (Sat) - Ideal, pulloff at 2:00 pm
Dec 12 (Sat) - Rhine, pulloff at 6:00 pm
Dec 19 (Sat) - Rhine, pulloff at 12:00 noon



Paper Crusade Schedule

Eastman Gun Show Schedule




Meal Menu

Dec 02nd: Houston County SC - Spaghetti, bread, salad, desert, Coffe & Tea, Cost $8.00

Dec 16th: Aide Corp - TBA



Shriners Hospital for Chilren's Trailer; Love turns patients back into kids.


Al Sihah Shriners' David Ragan Hospital Race Car Trailer

Trailer Donated By:

Al Sihah Shriners and all the Children would like say
"Thank You" to
David Ragan
Husky Cargo
for their wonderful donations.




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