Al Sihah Shrine Temple
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 MACON, GEORGIA 31205-3147
 OFFICE (478) 785-5900, Fax-5913
 Caretaker/RV Park: 785-9019



Helping children
for over 105 Years
Al Sihah Shrine Center

Get Onboard to Help Our Kids!
  "All care and services are   

provided regardless of the

families' ability to pay"

John H. Ambrose, Sr.

     What a Year this is turning out to be! I was so honored by all the Nobles and Ladies that at- tended our “Nobles/Potentates” weekend. My shindig that was like a Mardi Gras Parade was su- per fantastic, one of the best Friday night parties I have attended at Al Sihah, even if I say so my- self!! So many of the partiers were dressed out and hard to recognize, thanks to all who attended and made my night by having a blast. The Ball Saturday was a tribute to all who work and attend Al Sihah to help our kids and I am blessed that everything went well. I never knew how much work went into one of these weekends, but I do now! Thank you to everyone who helped and decorated and volunteered to help Rue and I get prepared for the Weekend. All I can promise my aide corps is that when we have our end of the year party, I’m going to throw a party, so keep on keeping on making me look good, or should I say My first Lady Rue. I have been blessed by the good Lord for her being my wife, best friend, and other things for over 48 years of which 46 we have been married and blessed with some fine Children and Grandkids All ABOARD TO HELP OUR KIDS!
    Change is good, look at our Temple, we were plodding down the same course hearing, “we have been doing it this way forever” and look how we have been declining, not saying my ways are better, but a change can be beneficial, and you will only know by observing how things are going. Our parade turnout is phenomenal, Dublin, Eatonton, Shady Dale have all had the largest turnouts ever since I have been a member in 2004. This is due to change, getting our beautiful ladies involved, and some nifty kids also. I’m used to having my wife come to a parade while I was in the re- jects and have her stand on the street corner looking pretty. We lost several Nobles due to their ladies not being able to participate, well we have changed the mold and our Parade Marshal Robert “Pussycat” Herrington is doing a swell job. GET ON BOARD TO HELP OUR KIDS!
    At our last meeting, the 50/50 drawing was won by one of our new nobles, congratulations. Our first meeting of the month has turned into a social night and I love seeing all the families there and getting to know each other. We have made some great friends over the years, even if Buddy, Barbara Kendrick, Pearl “the Jewel”, and Eugene Johnson claim not to know me account of my attempts to change things. I mention these 2 couples because since I came in they have befriended me and Rueshelle and always made us feel loved and wanted, we love them also. HELP OUR KIDS!
    Our 12 days of Christmas in June has turned out to be a huge success, I look forward to the winner of the last day on the 12th to go with us in Oct for our 8 day cruise. I am so looking forward to this cruise. We have a bunch lined up and more spots are available on the cruise, but we have a full bus now with people waiting. If more sign up, we might have to get another bus. Come one, come all and have the cruise experience of a lifetime! At the shows onboard, Rue, Peggy, Sheila, and Bertha do some pretty wild things, like a hairy chest contest, no wait a minute... that was Don Gates. The ladies mentioned doing the wild shows like on stage questions and some really cool stuff. Food Galore and ports that are fun, call Sail the Globe and Victor Savage will fix you up. Call 478 918-0530 and tell him you want to go on the crazy Shriner Cruise Oct 8th.
    I will close with this, thank you to all my assigned, appointed, and elected members. Without you and the aide corps, I would have been lost. Words cannot express my appreciation and love to all for all you have done. You stood by me over the last 5 years during some troubled times. I hope to make you all proud of your decisions.

“Get On Board To Help Our Kids”

John H. Ambrose, Sr.
Potentate 2015




Official Call of the Potentate

Notice is hereby given that Stated Meeting of Al Sihah Shrine, A.A.O.N.M.S. will be held at Al Sihah Shrine Temple,
222 Mecca Dr., Macon, GA for the transaction of
such business as may come before the Shrine.

Dinner 6:00 P.M. ~ Meeting Starts AT 7:00 P.M.

ATTEST: R. Keel Broom, PP                     John H. Ambrose, Sr.
Recorder                              Potentate


Shriners Village 

Dear Nobles, 

If you're not already signed in as a member of
Shriners Village, go to:        
and register.  All you'll need is your dues card number.      
 Nobles, the world is at your fingertips, make use of

YOUR   "Shriners Village".  


R. Keel Broom, PP


Al Sihah Shriners

     Nobles ALL,
         Illus Sir Billy Ray Phillips, PP., will be transporting the David Ragan Race Car to numerous events and parades. If you would like to assist, please contact Illus Sir Billy Ray Phillips, P.P. and remember to bring your Fez.

See YOU there.

     Ill. Sir John H. Ambrose, Sr.





19th Annual Open Car & Motorcycle Show
Shrine Park 222 Mecca Dr. Macon, Ga. 31206
Saturday August 22nd 2015
9:00 AM to 3:00 pm

No Judging just come out Relax and enjoy the day.
Dash Plaques to the first 100 entrants
*Potentates Choice * Club Participation * Money tree*
Prize Drawings for the Money Tree begins @ 2:00 PM
If your registration number is drawn you have a chance to win
cash money $25.00 to $125.00 Or a nice Gift Card

*Good Food * Good Music* Door Prizes* 50/50 *

Registration $25.00 9:00 am to 12:00 noon or Pre Registration $20.00 prior to 08/15/2015

Contact: Willie Smith # 478-960-7673 or Mail check to:
Klassic Autos, 543 Plantation Rd., Gray, Ga 31032 (please note
the type, model and year of vehicle)




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Special Events

Temple Office will be closed on Friday's
**Annual Stated Meeting, Stated Meetings and Temple Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

August 2015

01st - Wayfarer's 10K Party

05th - No Temple Mtg (SESA, Nashville, TN)

5th - 09th: SESA, Nashville, TN * Temple will be open for regular business*

19th - Temple Meeting w/Ladies
(6 PM - Dinner
7 PM - Temple Meeting)
22nd - Klassic Autos' Annual Car Show

September 2015

02nd - Temple Family Night

16th - Temple Meeting
(6 PM - Dinner
7 PM - Temple Meeting)


Parade Schedule

Sept 12 (Sat) - Lumber City, pulloff at 10:00 am
Oct 03 (Sat) - Andersonville, pulloff at 11:00 am
Oct 10 (Sat) - Sandersville, pulloff at 09:30 am
Oct 24 (Sat) - Jacksonvile, pulloff at 10:00 am
Oct 24 (Sat) - Viena, pulloff at 11:00 am
Oct 31 (Sat) -Yatesville, pulloff at 1:00 pm
Nov 07 (Sat) - Monticello, pulloff at 2:00 pm
Nov 21 (Sat) - Chester, pulloff at 2:00 pm
Dec 03 (Thurs) - Forsyth, pulloff at 6:00 pm
Dec 03 (Thurs) - Americus, pulloff at 7:00 pm
Dec 04 (Fri) - Cochran, pulloff at 7:00 pm
Dec 06 (Sun) - Milledgeville, pulloff at 3:00 pm



Paper Crusade Schedule

Eastman Gun Show Schedule




Meal Menu

Aug 05th: No Temple Meeting

Aug 19th: Taylor County SC - TBA

Sept 02nd: Provost Guard (Macon): TBA

Sept 16th: Aide Corp: TBA

Oct 07th: Perry SC - TBA

Oct 21st: Legion of Honor - TBA

Nov 04th: Sumter SC - TBA

Nov 18th: Aide Corp - TBA

Dec 02nd: Houston County SC - TBA

Dec 16th: Aide Corp - TBA



Shriners Hospital for Chilren's Trailer; Love turns patients back into kids.


Al Sihah Shriners' David Ragan Hospital Race Car Trailer

Trailer Donated By:

Al Sihah Shriners and all the Children would like say
"Thank You" to
David Ragan
Husky Cargo
for their wonderful donations.


2014 Hall of Fame
Membership Award

Congratulations to all Nobles for working very hard to accomplish this
prestigious award. Lets make our future goals to continue staying in the "Gold".



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