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Helping children
for over 105 Years
Al Sihah Shrine Center

Get Onboard to Help Our Kids!
  "All care and services are   

provided regardless of the

families' ability to pay"

John H. Ambrose, Sr.

     Fall is here, summer’s gone, thank the lord we lived to see  such a beautiful time of the year! The parade season is getting  under way big time and I want to personally thank all the Clubs  and Units that have been coming out and showing what Shriners  are all about, having a good time and helping our kids. Speaking  of kids, we have a Halloween party planned this month for them  and that evening we are having a party for us older people.
 Make plans to attend and put on your best costume and win a  prize and scare the night away!!

    We still have about 80 Nobles that have not paid their 2015  dues, what is wrong? Have me or Rueshelle done something to  cause this, if so, please call me and tell me what we need to
 do to get you back in and participating! Your Chief Rabban and I, have put our heads  together and have a great fall ceremonial planned Oct. 31 and the Directors Staff has a  party planned for Friday night, Oct 30. We are hoping to have a great group of new  Nobles and their Ladies involved, but it hurts me to know that we still have so many
 that have not renewed their membership for 2015.     

    Lady Rue says to remind all the ladies that they are to come to all the meetings.
 She had planned on programs for you all when the men are meeting, but somehow I
 got things a little messed up and all the ladies are only coming to the first Wednesday’s  social event. So now the word is out, Ladies come to all the meetings, so she will stay
 off my back! We are going on our fall cruise Oct 10, can’t wait to sail away, still room
 if anyone wants to sign up!

    We are blessed to have the Shrine Hospitals and I want everyone to be able to see  what they do with our support, so I am planning a bus trip in Nov. or Dec. to go to  Greenville and we will make a day trip out of this. Hoping to set it up to leave the
 park around 8AM and returning around 6PM. I don’t have the date worked out yet,
 but if you would like to go, I will have a sign-up sheet and the details soon. It is truly  amazing what they do and how the Shrine Hospital in Greenville is set-up for the kids  and their families, it’s a trip you won’t soon forget and it will make you proud that you  are a Shriner!

    I will close now with a reminder to visit your Blue Lodges and solicit membership
 in the Shrine. Hug your loved ones and your friends, think of the great memories of all  that have passed on, we never know when the Black Camel will come calling, so keep
 a smile on your face and love one another!

 “Get On Board To Help Our Kids”

 John H. Ambrose, Sr.
 Potentate 2015




Official Call of the Potentate

Notice is hereby given that a Stated Meeting of Al Sihah Shrine, A.A.O.N.M.S. will be held at Al Sihah Shrine Temple,
222 Mecca Dr., Macon, GA for the transaction of
such business as may come before the Shrine.

Dinner 6:00 P.M. ~ Meeting Starts AT 7:00 P.M.

ATTEST: R. Keel Broom, PP                     John H. Ambrose, Sr.
Recorder                              Potentate


Shriners Village 

Dear Nobles, 

If you're not already signed in as a member of
Shriners Village, go to:        
and register.  All you'll need is your dues card number.      
 Nobles, the world is at your fingertips, make use of

YOUR   "Shriners Village".  


R. Keel Broom, PP


Al Sihah Shriners

     Nobles ALL,
         Illus Sir Billy Ray Phillips, PP., will be transporting the David Ragan Race Car to numerous events and parades. If you would like to assist, please contact Illus Sir Billy Ray Phillips, P.P. and remember to bring your Fez.

See YOU there.

     Ill. Sir John H. Ambrose, Sr.





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Special Events

Temple Office closed on Friday's
**Annual / Stated Meeting, and Temple Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

October 2015

07th - Temple Meeting w/Ladies

10th thru 18th - Potentate's Cruise
21st - STATED MEETING, (6 PM - Dinner, 7 PM - STATED Mtg)
24th - Kid's Halloween Party (10 AM, Activity Bldg)
24th - Adult's Halloween Party   (6 PM, Act Bldg)
26th thru 28th - GRAND LODGE SESSION
30th & 31st - FALL CEREMONIAL;
30th - Social Evening hosted by the Director Staff (Entertainment & Dancing)
31st - First Session, Participate in local parade, followed by Second Session


Parade Schedule

Oct 10 (Sat) - Sandersville, pulloff at 09:30 am
Oct 10 (Sat) - Perry, pulloff at 10:00 am
Oct 24 (Sat) - Jacksonvile, pulloff at 10:00 am
Oct 24 (Sat) - Viena, pulloff at 11:00 am
Oct 31 (Sat) - Yatesville, pulloff at 1:00 pm
Nov 07 (Sat) - Monticello, pulloff at 2:00 pm
Nov 07 (Sat) - Butler, pulloff at 3:00 pm
Nov 07 (Sat) - Cochran, pulloff at 6:00 pm
Nov 21 (Sat) - Chester, pulloff at 2:00 pm
Dec 03 (Thurs) - Forsyth, pulloff at 6:00 pm
Dec 03 (Thurs) - Americus, pulloff at 7:00 pm
Dec 04 (Fri) - Cochran, pulloff at 7:00 pm
Dec 04 (Sat) - Jackson, pulloff at 6:00 pm
Dec 05 (Sat) - Perry, pulloff at 4:00 pm
Dec 05 (Sat) - Hawkinsville, pulloff at 6:00 pm
Dec 06 (Sun) - Milledgeville, pulloff at 3:00 pm
Dec 12 (Sat) - Glenwood, pulloff at 11:00 am
Dec 12 (Sat) - Eastman, pulloff at 1:00 pm
Dec 12 (Sat) - Ideal, pulloff at 2:00 pm



Paper Crusade Schedule

Eastman Gun Show Schedule




Meal Menu

Oct 07th: Perry SC - Pork Loin, Hash Brown Casserile, Veg's, Fried Apples w/pecans, Dessert, Coffee & Tea
$8.00 per person

Oct 21st: Legion of Honor - TBA

Nov 04th: Sumter SC - TBA

Nov 18th: Aide Corp - TBA

Dec 02nd: Houston County SC - TBA

Dec 16th: Aide Corp - TBA



Shriners Hospital for Chilren's Trailer; Love turns patients back into kids.


Al Sihah Shriners' David Ragan Hospital Race Car Trailer

Trailer Donated By:

Al Sihah Shriners and all the Children would like say
"Thank You" to
David Ragan
Husky Cargo
for their wonderful donations.




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